Ryan Vogelsong

Vogey, a beloved former San Francisco Giant, was horrifyingly bashed right in the face by a pitch last night.  His wife tweeted today that he will be ok, much to my relief.

So, since my "Gigante a day" project will go long enough that I'll cover all the current roster and then need to start reaching back to former Giants, may as well (I thought) send Ryan Vogelsong my prayers and good wishes by sketching him today.  He's a tough face to get right and I'll probably give it another try, but it was good to meditate on him a bit this morning as I did this one.

This drawing is part of a daily challenge I've given myself of "A Gigante a Day". I will draw one member of the San Francisco Giants team (and organization) every day until the end of baseball season, starting with the current roster.

 Uniball AIR pen, Staedtler and Derwent watercolor pencils You can see the latest view of all sketches here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/giganteaday/


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