It's alive!

Hi there,
This poor blog has been much neglected.  I am finding that it's so much easier to use Instagram, so if you want frequent views of my sketches and other art stuff, I highly recommend following me there.

So what have I been up to?  On the oil painting front, I've just completed a dog portrait commission of the lovely "Liffey."  This painting is heading home soon to Pinole, California.

Since it's literally been YEARS since my last post, here is another commissioned piece - two beautiful Paso Fino horses who live in beautiful Nicasio, California.  This was completed in June 2018.  For this, I visited them in person and took photos and video on which to base this painting.

I also just updated my prices on my "Commissions" page.  I haven't raised these prices in several years and need to adjust.  If you commission me today, you're getting an artist with 20+ years experience both in the painting itself and in communicating well with you on the project.

So anyhow, life is good!  I'm still in Mill Valley, California near my sister, niece and mom, enjoying my lovely Bay Area friends and working as Program Manager helping build community and customer evangelism at Autodesk.  My dog old dog Lulu is just turning 13 years old.  She's got the arthritis and all that, so hobbles along quite slowly these days, but her attitude is still "let's go!  I love you all! and happy to meet you!"  She's the best.


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