Sketching while sheltering

In March, I started a new sketchbook to capture images around my home as it became clear that this pandemic would be lasting a while.  My approach was to create something like a travel journal but of the smaller radius I was now contained to - a way to document and notice it all better.

I've been posting these on my Instagram with the hashtag "sketchingwhilesheltering."  (So far, I seem to be the only Insta person using that hashtag!)

As stress of the situation started creeping in (as for all of us), it helped me to set the expectation that my sketchbook was mostly for me, myself and I.  That it was a way to connect to my surroundings, to be in the moment and take a mental break from the frustrations and fears all around.

In June, I adopted my "pandemic baby", Dottie the dog.  She is a very willing model and naps often - ideal for a sketcher!

Below are a couple of examples from the current sketchbook.


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